Contoh Curriculum Vitae (CV) Bahasa Inggris Financial Management 2

Two Connecticut Avenue
Menlo Park, California 94024
(415) 677-8833

Financial Planning Analysis
Responsible for preparation of all quarterly and annual production and financial forecast. Designed simulation model currently used to prepare divisional macroeconomic forecast, reducing forecasting time by 80% while improving timelines and accuracy. Increased fourfold the number of corporate operating departments using these forecast data.
Altex Data Research, Greenwood, California. 1993-Present

Product Costing and Development
Directly responsible for preparation of all product cost forecasts. Develop corporate policy and supporting economic justification by government regulatory agencies. Determine optimal intradivisional allocation of resources. Improved costing techniques have significantly enhanced the competitiveness of product pricing.
Markham & Assoc., Stamford, Connecticut. 1988-1993

Statistical Analysis
Developed and maintained detailed library of divisional operating statistics. Provided senior management with monthly and year-to-date comparisons of business results and financial forecasting information.
Business Sales Inc., Bridgeport, Connecticut. 1985-1988

Marketing Planning
Tested revenue/expense impact of specific marketing strategy changes. Appointed internal marketing planning consultant to major mid-east corporation (Saudia) reporting to Board of Directors.
Mideast Data Inc., Stamford, Connecticut. 1983-1985

M.A., Columbia University, New York, 1987
B.A., UCLA, Los Angles, California, 1983

Position in economic/business planning with a major financial institution affording an opportunity for advancement based on achievement.

References available upon request.


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