Contoh Curriculum Vitae (CV) Bahasa Inggris Accountant 2

Amy Lawson
1452 North Hill St.
Beechwood, Ohio 44411
(513) 621-4133

Harvard University, Bachelor of Science in Economics
Major: Accounting, May 1993

Bernard College, 1989-1991
Course of study as above

Hopkins & Johnson, Certified Public Accountants, Beechwood, Ohio.

Senior Certified Public Accountant Professional supervisory experience in oil and gas tax shelters, industrial publishing, legal profession, retail, postproduction video services.
Primary responsibilities in planning, supervising, and reviewing audit engagements through completion of engagement. Experienced in corporate taxes, accounting system analysis, internal control evaluations, computer system controls, consolidation, financial analysis, special project in bankruptcy reposting as accountants for the trustee, and overall investigations of client systems for the purpose of improving operations and efficiency. Continuing professional education courses in Accounting and Auditing I, II and III, Bankruptcy, Taxes, Written and Oral communications, and Investment Analysis.

Deutch and Brown, Certified Public Accountants, New York, NT

Staff accountant for audit of Shearson/American Express Company. Audit responsibilities included footnote disclosure preparation, security and exchange memberships, and cash.

Career Placement Service, Harvard University

Assistant to the Director of Student Career Planning and Corporate Placement.

United States Navy Active Duty, Midshipman

Training in leadership, technical aspects of Surface Command, Submarine, Flight and Marine Operations.

United States Navy Active Duty, Midshipman

Training at Naval education Training Center, Newport, RI

Information and Referral Service, Cornell University

Public relations service for dignitaries, corporate, and academic officials visiting Cornell.

* Dean’s List, Barnard College and Harvard University, 1989, 1990.
* College Scholar Outstanding Academic Award, Barnard, 1989, 1990.
* Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps Scholarship, 1988.
* Fifty-five scholarships as awarded to women on national basis.
* National Sojourner’s Award Outstanding Sophomore, Barnard, 1990.
* Mobil oil Corporation Collegiate Competition finalist, 1989.

Certified Public Accountant, November 1998, new York State
Harvard University Alumni Association

Available upon request.

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