Contoh Curriculum Vitae (CV) Bahasa Inggris Human Resources 2

32-22 222nd Street
Brooklyn, New York 11234

To apply experience, mature insight, and education to position in personnel administration where effective personnel management can be promoted.

Personnel Manager. Hart and Dunlap Co., Inc., New York City. Reported to Vice President of Personnel in this major publishing firm in fulfilling responsibilities as supervisor of personnel services for New York office. Conducted salary surveys, established salary ranges and progression rates for each level. Installed and maintained job evaluation plans, questionnaires, application forms, etc. Revised and formulated training programs, designed progress reports, and initiated appraisal procedures for employees for reference book subsidiary. Initiated and implemented programs to improve and utilize potential of staff members. Represented company at hearing with City and State Boards. Was involved in development of company policies with responsibilities for interpretation and implementation in everyday practice. Consulted with managers on numerous problems such as manpower planning, upgrading, performance, performance evaluation.

M.B.A., Management – Graduate School of Business Administration, New York University, New York, New York, June 1991.

B.A., History, University of Rochester, New York, February, 1989.

Personnel Management Course. National Conference Board of Industrial Management, 1990. Techniques and planning for effective personnel programs were developed with the use of group case histories and lectures.

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5 Responses to Contoh Curriculum Vitae (CV) Bahasa Inggris Human Resources 2

  1. kucluk berkata:

    ooiiii gila lw

  2. Anonim berkata:

    fuck you…guys…

  3. Herlambang berkata:

    Waduh.. lumayan tuh CV-nya 🙂
    Ngomong-ngomong si doski yang CV-nya jadiin model (KAREN GAINES), dah punya pasangan belon?

    Kalo belon, gua tertarik pingin kenalan neh 🙂

    PEACE man …

    BTW, Nice CV ..

  4. akun berkata:

    i am not understand…!!!

  5. dian berkata:


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