PT Mobiz Technologies – Internship (1 persons)

PT Mobiz Indocenter, an attractive IT Software and test house in new technologies, working for International companies in the US, Europe and APAC region, is expanding its Jakarta development center by seeking High qualified candidates :

The Objective of the Internship
To Provide an overview of available RTOS and certified RTOS and their application in daily live.

The Following shall be identified
* what are OS? what are RTOS?
* what are certified RTOS? Especially their differences comparing to desktop OS?
* Why certification? what kind of certifications is available or common? which ones are preferred for what?
* who are the certification bodys? what are the processes to certify an OS? to certify a modification or extension to an OS?
* Overview of open source RTOS? which one are certified? Are open-source products certifiable?
* Demonstrate one of selected certified OS as running OS/application (do; able?)

For these tasks, students of
1. Computer Engineering / Information Technology
2. Electrical Engineering

For at least 3 months or more can be assigned to such the tasks

End delivery is a report and a list of OS names with internet links if possible.
A running demonstration of chosen certified RTOS unit is a great result but not a requirement. Basic Understanding on “How operating system works’ is required.

call : 021-5271176


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