ConocoPhillips Campus Recruitment 2008

The program is highly competitive and lasts around 12 months. The scope covers ConocoPhillips Upstream (Exploration, Production & Transportation) operations and focuses on how our business meets the requirements of all Stakeholders (investors, employees, customers, vendors & local communities) . In particular, the program provides the Business Apprentices the opportunity to demonstrate the following positive characteristics: leadership, effective communication, commercial awareness, problem analysis, initiative, innovation and creativity, planning and organizing, personal and team skills.

Requirements :
1. Fresh graduates with bachelor/master degree or hire with max. 1 year of work experience.
2. Majoring in Management (Finance, Marketing, Strategic, Banking), Economics, Accounting, Tax, Statistics, International Relations, Communication / Public Affairs, Business Administration, Engineering (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Material, Industrial, Chemical, Environmental), Information Technology / Computer Science, Mathematics & Science (Mathematic, Physic, Chemistry), and Social Sciences (Sociology, Anthropology, Social Welfare).
3. Fluent in English (oral and writing).
4. Highly motivated, strong analytical skill and problem solving capabilities
5. Have an outstanding performance, GPA minimum 3.30 of 4.00 scale.
6. Able to start work in October 2008.

For application procedure just click on: here


2 Responses to ConocoPhillips Campus Recruitment 2008

  1. Anonim berkata:

    Bp HRD tlg cek dhmbp 2 da mdr transpot yg sk memeras sopir2 dan jbtn double. Trus gajihnya malah lbh bsr dr asisten.. Tlg pa dperhati k..!

  2. Raul berkata:

    Kasian tu bos..oprator genset afdeling di hmbp 2 gaji ny di sunat oleh menejen ngawur..kerja 8 jam cuma di gaji premi..750 ribu…bos mereka juga manusia…

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